About Ackley Faucets

Discover why we do what we do, and the way that we do it

The Conception

The inspiration for Ackley faucets was conceived on a long dreary December day back in 2015. I was processing yet another replacement part for a bathroom faucet that had been sold to a customer as part of a bathroom suite only 6 months prior. I was angry and sick of ordering parts for dysfunctional products. So like a good employee I registered my concerns directly with my regional manager. Giving you the toned-down version of what was said “Why don't the faucets work, they're ****, and don't last 5 minutes!”. Unsurprisingly nothing changed and the faucets kept coming back with the same regularity that they were being sold.

The Reality

Just for some added perspective, this was the 4th request processed by myself in the month to date, and on average we were selling 8 bathroom suites a month from the showroom! So to put it simply I was ordering parts or replacements for around 60-70% of the faucets sold within 6 months to a year of the fitting date! This was CRAZY and it was at this stage that I decided to see what could be done about it.

Making a Change

Selling poor products just never felt right to me, advising and recommending a product that you didn’t believe in or trust to fulfil its most basic requirements just wasn’t what I was about. Industry changes needed to be made. Customer values need to be upheld, and their expectations should be exceeded!


We founded Ackley faucets with the goal of providing our customers with industry leading service, advice and of course faucets. Faucets that are designed specifically for kitchens, and bathrooms combined with expert knowledge and advice. All alongside a limited lifetime warranty for all customers as we continue to go above and beyond.

We believe all faucets should last a lifetime!

What Does The Future Hold

As Ackley faucets continue to grow we will remain committed to our core founding values whilst providing new and up-to-date faucets for your home.  We are working towards bringing our products to a store near you, rather than having online only sales promotions (what we currently offer)